Four Key Pillars


Residential Homes in Dublin Hills with approaching storm clouds in the winter. Dublin Hills Regional Park, Alameda County, California, USA.

Over the past decade, we have seen Dublin grow and flourish as a great City. However, we have seen an unprecedented explosion of market-rate housing in Dublin, resulting in infrastructure problems, traffic congestion and schools overcrowding. I have a strong commitment to reduce market housing growth and align with the needs to address affordable and senior housing. As a city, we need to emphasize on the needs of our citizens, and understand the impact of overbuilding high density homes in our City. I am not opposed to growth, but as Mayor, I hope to achieve a balanced and sustainable housing foundation. Dublin needs a downtown. I will work with members of the community to create a safe vibrant downtown where residents can gather and spend time.


little boy and girl holding hands go to school

Dublin has excellent schools with great programs and facilities. Maintaining the quality of our Schools is of utmost importance to me. I will work to address some of the current challenges like overcrowding, capacity, school traffic, safety, second high school and additional classrooms.

Traffic and Transit

traffic jams in the city, road, rush hour

As our city has grown, so has our traffic causing congestion and delays. I deal with this issue as I commute to work every day, so trust me, I understand. To properly address this problem, as your Mayor, I will tap into my background as a trained Civil Engineer with a focus in Transportation working in intelligent transportation systems for the past 25+ years and having served on the Dublin Planning Commission making critical informed decisions to maintain and ensure smart, sustainable and balanced transportation infrastructure.

In terms of transportation services I will support plans such as Valley Link and the autonomous shuttle, as well as increase transit alongside affordable housing units and closer to neighborhoods. Expanding transit options and upholding versatile timings to users will be a priority to ensure we have a wide range of transit system offerings that meet the needs of residents and help reduce the dependency on personal vehicles.

Economic Development

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The economy is of the utmost importance to me, especially during the current global pandemic that is directly hurting our local businesses. As a city, we need to develop a partnership and bring to fruition a round-table conversation to understand the true needs of businesses to survive, and stride in a regional market. To create opportunities, we need to inform, educate, and advertise the needs of local businesses to comprehend how the city can help. Also, options such as funding and investing to meet new demands (such as ordinances and seating capacity) and addressing financial issues can be presented to benefit businesses.

I will also work to bring technology companies to set up offices in Dublin. In addition to creating jobs in Dublin, it will reduce the commute for Dublin residents that work in high-tech, reduce green house gas emissions, and keep revenue generators in our City. It is of extreme importance to me to include community engagement and judgment in making fiscal or economic decisions. Thus, I call for the formulation of a watchdog committee ‘Advisory Board’ to help monitor and observe the city’s budget as a third party influence with zero bias.