Hi, I’m Arun

The Highlights

  • Currently Dublin City Vice Mayor
  • Dublin City Councilmember – Dec 2016 to Present
  • A bold, honest, clean money candidate
  • Strong voting record: rejected poorly planned developments, while pushing for a long-term vision with the necessary supporting infrastructure
  • Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering (Transportation, Construction Management, and Hydraulics) from San Jose State University
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering (Transportation and Hydraulics) from San Jose State University
  • Extensive background and experience delivery capital infrastructure
  • Career in public and private sector with over 25 years of experience

My Involvement in Dublin

image2In 2005, I became an active HOA board member of a Dublin community with over 550 homes. Eventually, I became elected as the President of the HOA. As the HOA President, I have worked hard to provide great services to the community, while keeping the HOA fees low with a balanced budget, including renegotiating key contracts, reducing cost by nearly 50%. During my term as president, I helped deliver a unique solar project that provided an ROI (Return on Investment) within 6 years and continues to provide financial benefit to the community (confirmed by a 3rd party review). The project provides necessary shade at the pool, matching the ambiance of the community, and was recognized by the State of California for its innovative design/solution.

In 2012, I was appointed to the Planning Commission by Mayor Sbranti, where I ultimately served as the Chair. While on the Planning Commission I pushed for much-needed improvements on projects within the City of Dublin, providing a critical perspective on aesthetics and transportation, in addition to confirming adherence to the General and Specific Plans.

In 2014, for the first time, with the engagement of several residents, I helped oppose a bad housing project known as the ‘Green Project’. This housing project would have added over 370 units on a 28-acre parcel, which is now the proposed IKEA in a pedestrian-friendly retail project location. The IKEA project was another key project, which I ultimately opposed (due to traffic and environmental impact concerns). However, during the project development/study phase, I worked in good faith to help deliver significant improvements in negotiations with the developer, by influencing the incorporation of an underground parking infrastructure and enhancing the retail complex layout (enhancing the visible cars in a parking lot and expanding the offering of retail delivering a sense of community gathering location). This was made possible by my in-depth community engagement and my engineering experience, allowing me to vocalize and incorporate the feedback of over 20 suggestions from the community making the project significantly better.

Most recently, in June 2020, I was a critical vote in the rejection of the ‘At Dublin’ project which would have added over 566 housing units on the land parcels opposite Safeway Tassajara. The residents vehemently opposed this project and sent over 1000 emails/messages to City Council. I listened to the residents while at the same time thoroughly vetting the project to better understand the issues and concerns.

Elected in 2016 to Dublin City Council

While on the City Council and now the Vice Mayor of Dublin, I have maintained a commitment to the residents and constituents by pushing for a common voice for Dublin Residents through collaboration, while fulfilling a vision for sustainable and smart infrastructure. Throughout my time on City Council, I have stayed true to ALL my promises and commitments to the residents and businesses of Dublin. I continue to run a “Clean Money” campaign by not accepting funding from special interest groups, especially housing developers.

My Career Experience

My career experience started after completing 4 years of internships with the Alameda County Public Works Agency. I served as an Intern for Land Surveying, Flood Control, and Road Departments, deliveringprojects in Alameda County, where I learned the value of necessary infrastructure to support growing communities.

After graduating from San Jose State University, with a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering, I pursued a Master’s in Civil Engineering, while working on major Capital Infrastructure Programs throughout the Nation. I specialized in airports, highways, light rail projects, and more. During my time working for private corporations, I utilized my background in technology and engineering to ensure on-time project delivery within financial budget constraints.

In 2000, I returned back to Alameda County Public Works Agency focused on flood control facilities and planning development projects within Alameda County. While serving as an engineer for the County, I was honored to become the Vice President of the IFPTE (Local 21) union representing engineers and environmental engineers, where I participated in key labor negotiations.

In the pursuit of making a positive impact to Alameda County’s transportation needs, I joined Alameda County Transportation Commission (previously known as ACTC and ACTIA) in 2007 to help deliver bike/pedestrian facilities, road initiatives, BART projects, Safe Routes to Schools, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) including Express Lanes and Bus Rapid Transit Projects.

During this time, I also focused on expanding opportunities to deliver necessary infrastructure and provide essential funding for the transportation network in Alameda County by working as part of the political action committee for the 2014 campaign Measure BB (a transportation expenditure plan), which ultimately garnered over 81% support by voters. Today we enjoy the benefits of this essential funding that gives Dublin the ability to have the best pavement index in the region, the roads you drive on daily without potholes, for instance.

By 2015, I joined Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) working on the Major Greenfield Program that delivered new infrastructure focused on energy resilience for California. In 2017, I transitioned to a General Contractor for a major wireless company delivering nearly 2000 miles of fiber optics throughout the SF Bay Area region using 5G infrastructure. As luck would have it, my professional career has gone a full circle and in 2019 I returned back to deliver Airport Infrastructure, working for a private corporation that specializes in Program Controls (Cost and Budget).

Throughout my career of almost 25 years, I have successfully helped in the delivery of capital infrastructure projects costing nearly $400 billion. I take pride in my professional integrity, values, accountability, and responsibility.

Arun’s Personal Story and Family Background

My parents immigrated from India in the mid-1960s in pursuit of further education and a better life. My father, a Civil Engineer (Structural) completed his Master’s in Civil Engineering from San Jose State University in 1967. In 1973, I was born into a humble middle-income family, that struggled to achieve the American Dream in Hayward. Both my parents became active community members in Hayward, eventually leading an effort and petition that successfully established an AC Transit line to our community, serving Hayward High School and Bret Harte Junior High School. I was fortunate to have obtained all my childhood education in Hayward and graduated from Hayward High School in 1991.

My father worked for over 31 years at Alameda County Public Works as a Civil Engineer who strived to make a positive difference in the infrastructure in Alameda County’s roads and bridges, thus inspiring in me the same professional integrity my father embodied.

I have lived in Alameda County my entire life. After marriage, we lived in Union City and then to Dublin in 2003 to start our family. We chose Dublin as our home as it contained all the critical elements my wife and I wanted – a new and developing city, excellent rated schools, diverse population, well-balanced amenities, and great potential.

As Mayor, I am committed to creating a long-term vision for Dublin – unite and establish a sustainable, safe, healthy, environmentally friendly city for generations to come. I want to create a bright future for Dublin, where we can proudly call this amazing city our home. My family and I are committed to living in Dublin even after my term limit ends.